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How Many Times Should I Chew My Foods?

I remember my grandfather telling me, "chew your food at least 32 times." I must confess that I have questioned my grandfather's statement for many years.

How many times do you chew your food? Are you wondering as well?

We all know that the digestive process starts at the time the food is placed in our mouth. But with our busy schedules, I doubt if the majority of you, even think about chewing well. Imagine counting how many times you chew in each bite.

I found out that I no longer have to count how many times I chew

The rule of thumb is this: only swallow food you have chewed enough so it becomes a paste. If you can still feel pieces of food, please chew it a little more.

Believe me, you will have a better digestion, feel full sooner, and consequently you will eat less and keep your weight in check. Nowadays, whenever I think about chewing my food, I always remember of my grandfather's beautiful body at the age of 85!

Source: Jacqueline Leao, Tips, October 2006
Last update, August 2008


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